is broken

is broken is the collaboration of Alexandra Carr and Lee Mackenzie, the artist and writer in residence at Josephine Butler College, Durham University. By engaging with students, academics and the residents of Durham, they seek to create art and events which reflect on people as observers of their social and natural environments.

Artist in Residence

Alex is working on the notion of Axis Mundi, the connection between Heaven and Earth with reference to the four cardinal directions. Alchemy and the elements will be woven into the project, which explores how we relate to our environment physically, spiritually and philosophically.  The project will involve collaborative natural installations, photography, video and an element of performance.

is broken

is broken is the space where Alex and Lee come together to explore the overlap in their work. Often the creative process is about deconstructing aspects of the world around you in order to reframe your view on it. is broken aims to interrupt your world view so you have the potential to create a new one with fresh eyes. We want you to look around the corner and be jolted out of your comfort zone. It is the only way to create.

Writer in Residence

Lee is creating a map filled with the responses of people to questions on the nature of place and personhood. The map will contain words, images and sound recordings of the interviews he conducts. The map will be used in workshops as a prompt for writing but also form a socio-historic record of Durham as it is currently structured.

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